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Melvin Brewing to the world! Our beer is currently available in Washington, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, California,  and - of course - Wyoming. States, towns, locations serving and selling Melvin beer are being added frequently. Check back here often!

Melvin's Super-Spiffy Amazing Beer Finderâ„¢

We can't be Melvin and you can't be happy unless you're living a well rounded and fulfilling life that involves a bunch of the kickass beer we make, like everyday. We hooked up this sick map below to make sure you know how to get the beer you need, use it, be stoked, live life to the emptiest with us.

Once you use the search below, you're basically now contractually required to drop everything you're doing and head out to pick up the aforementioned Melvin beer. Immediately. Don't drive if you're drunk, though - that's what your sober friends or pregnant partners were put on this earth for. If all else fails, feel free to tweet the Wu Tang Clan and ask for a ride.

Distributor Information 


Vancouver Craig Stein Beverage | Draft Coming Soon

Olympia, Tacoma Marine View Beverage | Draft and Cans

Seattle, Everett | Odom Corp | Draft and Cans

Bellingham, Mt. Vernon and San Juan Islands Sound Beverage | Drafts and Cans 


Front Range | Crooked Stave Artisans |  Draft and Cans


Jackson, Casper, Cody, Laramie and Cheyenne | Draft and Cans


Boise, Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, Sun Valley, Victor and Driggs Craig Stein Beverage | Draft and 220z Bottles


Portland General Distributors | Draft

Bend, Eugene and Coast AreaBigfoot Beverages | Draft

British Colombia 

Vancouver | Draft


Salt Lake CityUtah Craft Beverages | Cans

Ogden | Utah Craft Beverages | Cans


Projected for Summer 2016

Yes No