Kirk McHale 

Co-Founder / Head Donkey

Kirk McHale. Kirk McGurt. Kirkles... The mastermind of Melvin. Kirk began home brewing when he was just 14 years old (!?) with his brother in California. He began his first brewing job at age 20 at the now Defunct Baja Brewing Co. in San Diego. From there, Kirk went to Pizza Port Brewing Company where he was in charge of both Carlsbad, and San Clemente locations. Following Pizza Port, Kirk founded Breakwater Brewing in Oceanside, CA where he still remains partial owner.

Kirk then took some time off, met a beautiful woman, and she managed to talk him into moving to Jackson for a change of scenery. Now Kirk resides in Jackson educating the Wyoming hipsters in good beer. His experience brewing, and experimentation with this, that, and the other hop, has only exceeded expectations and his passion for brewing the best has only just begun. This is all about fun for Kirk, and as far as we know he’s never going to stop (giving a f*ck). He makes his own hours, he brews whatever he wants, and it’s the best life as he knows it. He rules!

In other words, Kirk was destined to be, the Drunken Brewmaster.

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