Dave Chichura 

Head Production Brewer

Dave was born a poor black child...No, that was Steve Martin in "The Jerk". Dave is actually from a tiny town in South Jersey where he spent most of his time being bitten by every annoying insect nature had to offer.  Sometimes he went fishing, but mostly studied every facet of Pink Floyd's musical teachings at full volume. Then he went to college where he learned how to throw a frisbee, very well. Once the game of frisbee throwing felt like a thing of the past, he discovered ‘real beer’. It was in the form of a Guinness Extra Stout and it is that particular beer’s fault that he found himself craving a brewing ‘career’.

Dave’s first brewing gig was with the Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery in Indianapolis in 1996. He had been a home brewer for a couple of years and decided that it would be really cool to make beer for a living, and sure 'nuff' it was. After a few years with Rock Bottom at a couple different locations, he found himself working at Bell's Brewery in Kalamazoo, MI. He worked there for just a year before he got a job with a small brewpub in Boulder, CO called Mountain Sun, working alongside them for about two years.

Dave then took a hiatus from brewing and 8 months (six months of which was spent moving pianos, or as his friend put it more euphemistically 'in the music business'). Once his music business came to a close, he found himself working at Oskar Blues in Lyons, CO. Oskar Blues was a small brewery at the time, about 3,000 bottles in production the year before he started. This was an increasing amount of its beer in 12 oz cans, a rarity in craft beer at the time. Nearly Nine years later, OB started new production facilities across the US, adding many more people and a sh*tload more production. By the time Dave left in 2013, Oskar Blues was producing nearly 100,000 bottles annually. Dave had one more 10 month gig with a brewery in South Central Colorado, where he built another brewing facility and did their very best to produce as much beer as possible within a small brewing system. 

With barely a moment's notice, Jeremy Tofte sent a very cryptic text message to Dave summoning him to work for Melvin, and now… Dave resides in Alpine, where all of his hard work will once again be put to the test. Luckily, Alpine has less skin eating bugs, and a ton of fishing, so we expect Dave will get along just fine. 

In the words of Pink Floyd...Then at last the mighty ship, Descending on a point of flame, Made contact with the Tofte, in ol’ Alpine. Now, now, now is the time... time to make some damn good beer.

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