Gems of the West: An Alpine Wyoming Taproom

A brewery in Alpine Wyoming is calling and I must go.

Melvin's Alpine Brewery Taproom passed it's month long trial, so now it's getting a proper public launch! Brewery taprooms are a pretty neat thing if you think about it... Words that come to mind, beer, beer in tanks, food truck, hip, hipsters, hippies, smells, lots of smells. Melvin's new taproom is not just pretty neat it's ultra neat. Why you ask? Well chew on this...

  • It's remote. What do you know about Alpine, Wy? What do you know about the modern cowboy? Not much. Well our brewery and its taproom is located in the middle of nowhere in the least populated state in the nation, BUT, surrounded by some beautiful lakes and mountains. It's a destination! Quotes like, " Went for the Tetons, stayed for the Melvin" are appropriate here and have great dad shirt potential. 
  • Beach Front. Melvin's Mega-Church Brewery is located on a few acre peninsula dividing the Snake River and Palisade Reservoir. We have a beer beach, you can whitewater raft or boat to our brewery. Nough said, get in the water.

Next Friday, Melvin will be celebrating it's Alpine Brewery Taproom opening with a weekend full of events. Melvin beers, aquatics and food trucks included.

Friday August 5 - Brewery Party. Beach. Ping-Pong and assorted party games. Taco food truck starting at 2PM and DJ at 5PM. 

Saturday August 6 - Snake River Tubing fundraiser for Lucky's Place Animal Shelter. $20 or a 20lbs donation of pet food gets you a tube shuttle, growler fill of Killer Bees and entry into a prize giveaway. All proceeds benefit Lucky's Place Animal Shelter. Event starts at 2PM. Taco food truck starting at 2PM and DJ at 5PM.

Sunday August 7 - Open mic party and pizza starting at 3PM. 

For more information about Melvin's Alpine Taproom click here.



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