Melvin Brewing’s 2x4 DIPA Recipe Sold to InBev

UPDATE 04/01/16 3:30PM MST  Happy April Fools! 

Ok, time to talk. Look, we said some stuff this morning... Stuff we didn't really mean. We just got carried away with the holiday spirit and our cans launching in Colorado! We're so sorry, we're total jerks. Do you hate us? Just get it out now and let it go. Now, to clear things up:

Fact: Melvin cans of 2x4, Melvin IPA and Hubert MPA are available now in Colorado and Jackson Hole!
Fiction: We sold 2x4 to a big beverage corporation (We never will) can production is halting and prices are increasing.

Fact: Melvin cans will be available in Washington next week, Idaho later this month and other places soon. Not near you? Yell at us and your neighborhood craft beer leader enough and we'll try to make happen. 
Fiction: People quit the brewery, bought PT Losers and are moving to Phoenix.

All-Good? Now let's go drink some beer! Don't hate, Party!

Alley Beer! Photo credit: Kim Chandler

Alley Beer! Photo credit: Kim Chandler



InBev plans to rebrand award winning beer as an ultra-premium offering, halts current can production.

April 1, 2016 (Alpine, Wy) - Today Melvin Brewing, brewers of fine craft beer, announce the sale of their award winning 2x4 DIPA recipe to InBev. Melvin’s 2x4 will be rebranded as a premium offering under a yet to be announced brand within the InBev High Roller portfolio. The recipe sale has halted current canning operations at Melvin, as new owners identify choice bottling options. Many Melvin executives plan to leave the company to focus on new ventures.

One of the first and only cans of the award winning 2x4 available.

One of the first and only cans of the award winning 2x4 available.

“I couldn’t be more excited about this recipe sale, I laugh at the other sell outs that had to part with their entire brewery, all we had to do was sell one recipe” says Kirk McHale, Co-founder of Melvin. “I’m just waiting for the check so I can throw away my snowboard, buy a PT Cruiser, and spend lots of time relaxing poolside at a country club in Phoenix, AZ. I’m sure our 2x4 is in caring hands with our caring mega-corp friends.”

Melvin Brewing originally started as a small brewpub in the back of a Thai restaurant in Jackson, Wyoming. In 2015 the brewery expanded into a full scale brewing operation in nearby Alpine, Wyoming. Their current beer lineup is highlighted by the recently sold, 2x4 DIPA; Hubert MPA, Melvin IPA, Killer Bee’s Ale, Clinic ISA and a revolving lineup of collaborations and one-offs including Brosaic IPA (do you even dry hop bro?), Lambda Triple IPA and Heyzeus Mexican Lager. The 2x4 became a highly-coveted recipe after winning a GABF Gold Medal, WBC Gold and HopUnion Alpha King award, twice. The brewery recently started offering 2x4, Hubert and Melvin IPA in a can, but has halted 2x4 production as the InBev sale was exercised.

“I see this as a mega win for big-beer,” explains Fredrik Westerfield, CFO of InBev. “We finally have the best DIPA on the planet and plan to distribute it accordingly. We plan to completely rebrand 2x4. You’ll see no more 4-pack cans of this fine beer. Think designer, like Louis Vuitton or Prada. We plan to distribute imported French corked bottles only, for a premium price. This plan will guarantee a craft brewed image and maximum profit for our shareholders in a way only big beverage companies can accomplish.”

Terms of the agreement have not been disclosed. Limited cans of 2x4 and Melvin IPA at the current price are still available select Colorado liquor stores. Get them while you can!


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