Will Morrow

Financial Guru and Chief Adult Supervisor

Will grew up in Southern California, as well as a ranch out in Carrie, Idaho. His experience in the financial world is vast. From LA, to Wall Street, and all winding roads to China, he has proved his ability to keep up with the Melvins in a way that promotes smart business, and positive attitudes all around.

Will used to call in orders at Thai me up back in the day and Jeremy assumed Will was just a mere “office boy”, unaware of his full capabilities. They finally sat down and spoke about financial goals and experiences in November 2013 and Jeremy then added Will to the team. Will is sold on the big picture of Melvin as well as the strategies and functionality that comes with starting a business. This is Wills first experience working with a Brewery and the first time in his life he has found himself sitting around the table with a bunch of “magical brains”.

In the words of Will Morrow, “...this experience starts and ends with passion." Passion for the job, the people involved, and the incredible beer that is being brewed. Awards are awards, but “lack of giving a shit”, and doing exactly what you want in life can speak a hell of a lot louder. So basically, what he’s saying is we should keep on not giving a shit, with high functioning friends. Crunch the numbers, crush the can. 

“Want to end the day on a good note? Drink a good beer."

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